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Calculation Function that checks for partial text

Question asked by LeilaRegan on Jul 7, 2015
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Calculation Function that checks for partial text



In my database I have the following calculation to indicate security deposit amounts required upon booking we have three companies that do not require a security deposit:

Case ( 
ValueCount ( FilterValues (proposal_CONTACT::CompName; "ABC" )); 0;
ValueCount ( FilterValues (proposal_CONTACT::CompName; "DEF Event Technology" )); 0;
ValueCount ( FilterValues (proposal_CONTACT::CompName; "GHI Media Services" )); 0;

The issue I am running into is the second and third line are fine but for company "ABC" we have about 80 different variations. ABC, ABC Presentation Services, ABC Orlando, ABC Las Vegas, ABC Media, etc.

Is there a calculation function I can use to indicate if the company name contains "ABC" to make the security deposit 0? I have tried PatternCount, ValueCount, Count but it seems that unless it matches "ABC" exactly, it won't make the security deposit 0.  


Thank You!