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Question asked by AncientOracle on Nov 7, 2008
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Calculation Help


I have a scripting issue, on somewhat of a deadline, and I can't find the answer.. turning a lookup field, into a calculation field..  just stuck in a loop

If (IsEmpty ( ServiceNNA ) ; 0 ; Service Size Desc NNA ) = Service)_priceNNA

what i'm trying to do is this:

there is a drop down field that allows you to choose a type of product/service.  The next field allows you to choose the size/dimension of the product.  When both of these are entered, the unit price should fill in (from a rate card calculation database), the user would fill in the Qty and units, and the subtotal is calculated all within a portal.

I suspect that the key to the problem is that the product/service field immediately fills in the unit price field  (this is a lookup from the rate database).  The Size/Dimension field then is purely information by that point, but I know the can be all linked thru a calculation field.

 I need to know, how to attach the ServiceNNA and the Service Size Desc NNA together in a calculation, as the Service Size Desc NNA is a drop down menu from the value list.