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Question asked by ZoocMan85 on May 10, 2011
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Calculation Help


Hey Everyone,

  I have two tables... one table is an application that determines someones income the other is the max number of money a person is allowed to have to make them eligiable to qualify for certain programs. So what im trying to accomplish is this....

For Example:

Max Income Allowed Table          Primary Key in this table is the number of people.                    

1 Person = 1500  

2 Person =3000

Income Application                      Foriegn Key in this table is the number of people.

   Number of People : 1    Income a month : 800            Answer: Yes .

The reason the answer is yes is because the person makes under 1500. If the person made over that amount the answer would be no. I have both these tables linked in a relationship by amount of people you put in. However the number of people obviously who lives with you changes the max amount of money you can have a month to qualify. How would i go about putting this in a calculation. Thanks