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    Calculation Help



      Calculation Help


      Hey Everyone,

        I have two tables... one table is an application that determines someones income the other is the max number of money a person is allowed to have to make them eligiable to qualify for certain programs. So what im trying to accomplish is this....

      For Example:

      Max Income Allowed Table          Primary Key in this table is the number of people.                    

      1 Person = 1500  

      2 Person =3000

      Income Application                      Foriegn Key in this table is the number of people.

         Number of People : 1    Income a month : 800            Answer: Yes .

      The reason the answer is yes is because the person makes under 1500. If the person made over that amount the answer would be no. I have both these tables linked in a relationship by amount of people you put in. However the number of people obviously who lives with you changes the max amount of money you can have a month to qualify. How would i go about putting this in a calculation. Thanks


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          Are there "gaps" in the number of people if you sorted the income allowed table by number of people or do you have one record for each and every possible number of people possible?

          Assuming one record for each possible number of people.

          Assuming this relationship:

          MaxIncome::PersonCount = ApplicationTable::PersonCount

          Then this calculation defined in a calculation field in the ApplicationTable:

          MaxIncome::Income < MonthlyIncome

          Will return 1 (True ) if MonthlyIncome is less than or equal to the number you enter into the Income field in the Max Income table and 0 (False) if it is not. You can either use the Inspector's Data tab to format this field as a boolean to show "Yes" for True and "No" for false, or you can put this expression inside an If function like this:

          If ( MaxIncome::Income < MonthlyIncome ; "Yes" ; "No" )

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            I actually figured it out a different way.. Thanks anyways phil. But your way will work as well.