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Question asked by ClayReed on Nov 20, 2012
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Calculation Help


     I need a little calculation help. This filemaker DB will be used by our sample management group to manage all incoming and out going product (Assets). The first date "Asset Created" auto populates with the date when a new Asset record is created. (Asset records may be initially added to the FMP file before the actual asset has been given to the sample coordinator). You can see from the calculation that if the "Asset Acquired" date is empty then the text "Awaiting Asset" is displayed in the "Status" field. Next, when the product (Asset) is given to the sample coordinator they add the date to "Asset Acquired". This then changes the "Staus" field to "Checked In".

     When product (Asset) is returned, a date is added to the "Date Return" field. I would like to modify my calculation so when a date is added to the "Date Return" field the text "Asset Returned" is displayed in the "Status" field. I can't seem to get this to work.