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    Calculation Help



      Calculation Help



           I'm trying to import some information that was originally done on an excel sheet.  On the excel sheet they have four columns that they would just put an X in if the statement was true.  (were they willing to travel to area 1, 2, 3, 4)

           On the database that I'm importing to I've created a field which I've just named travel and put a checkbox value list with each of the 4 areas.  

           Is there a calculation I can use to say if there is an X in area 1 field check this option in the new field, etc.  (they could have possibly an X in all four of the old fields)?  It's just there are nearly 1600 records I would prefer to not have to fix manually.  


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               Just import the text into your four checkbox fields. Then format the fields with the same single value value list of "X". The fields will then automatically show the box selected if an X is imported into the field. You can resize the fields so that only the check box is visible.

               You can also enable auto-enter options and set up an auto enter calculation on each field such as:

               If ( Self = "x" ; "locationNameHere" )

               Or you can set up one text field to combine all the values in a single lis via an auto-enter calculationt:

               List ( If ( Field1= "x" ; "location1NameHere" ) ; If (Field2 = "x" ; "Location2NameHere" ) ; If ( Field3= "x" ; "location3NameHere" ) ; If ( Field4= "x" ; "location4NameHere" ) )

               You'd format this field with a checkboxes and select a value list of all 4 locations.

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                 I'm a bit confused.....

                 On the excel sheet they have: 

                                            Column A (Area 1)                  Column B (Area 2)                    Column C (Area 3)                      Column D (Area 4)

                 Row 1                 X                                                          X

                 Row 2                                                                             X                                                                                                                  X

                 Row 3                  X                                                        X                                                         X                                                        X

                 Once this info is imported they will no longer use the excel sheet.  All entry will be via the database.  

                 On my database I made one field (travel to).  On the layout I made that field a checkbox using a value list I made of the names of the 4 areas, it's not four seperate checkbox fields.  

                 So would I just insert your second List calculation into my Travel To field?  

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                   Got it now, thanks Phil, I tried something similar but it hadn't worked, not sure what I had wrong but your list option works just as I was trying to.  


                   You're a star! Thanks.

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                     make sure you tick on best answer so we know this problem has been resloved ?