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Calculation Help

Question asked by lwarrensgs on Jul 24, 2014
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Calculation Help


     I am limited in my knowledge of calculations, not even sure the result I'm after can be done.

     I want a field that will switch value lists based on what is entered on another field.

     For example, I have a field with drop down list named Customer. If the customer picked is ABC, then I want 

     another field to pick a value list based on the customer's name, ABC. If customer name is DEF, then that field would switch to a different value list when clicked on. There would be 3 different value lists for 3 different customers.

     I tried this but FM says it can't find a field named "Shurtape", Shurtape is the customer.

     If ( Customer =  Shurtape, getvaluelist; Shurtape ITR ; )

     Any & all help would be appreciated.