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Question asked by RyanThomas on Feb 22, 2015
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Calculation Help


I'm building an ed solution to manage test registration and need help with some calculation logic dealing with testing accommodations.


Testing accommodations are only allowable if a student has an IEP/504 (e.g. IEP/504 = "Yes").

Each accommodation is permissible only on certain Test Type values  (e.g. Math, Reading, or Writing).

The Read-Aloud accommodation is allowable on Math or Reading tests only (not Writing). I'm trying to create an auto-calculation & validation logic that would indicate "N/A" if the student does not have an IEP/504, but allow for the user to select "Yes" or "No" from a value drop-down list if the student does have an IEP.

Case (

${IEP/504 Plan} = "No" ; "N/A" ;

Test= "Writing"; "N/A";

???Then just select from the default value list defined for this field (i.e. "Yes" or "No")???



Any suggestions?