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calculation help between three dates

Question asked by AnnaHaurer on Apr 5, 2014
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calculation help between three dates


     Hi all, 

     I am completely new to filemaker and learning as I go. I am trying to get to grips with a calculation between three sets of date. Basically, I have a UK arrival date and an adoption date, but would like a calculation to tell me the number of days in kennels, either to adoption date or current date, if the adoption field is empty. In other words I would like days in kennels to be either to the current date, or to the adoption date (if there is one)

     I have tried the following but it isn't valid, and I can't work out why, though it could be that i did not understand the Is Valid function

     If(IsValid(Adoption_Date); Get(Adoption_Date) - UK_Arrival_Date; Get(CurrentDate) - UK_Arrival_Date)

     Can someone help please?

     Thank you