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Calculation help needed to merge two jpg into single field

Question asked by Tod on Jul 21, 2012
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Calculation help needed to merge two jpg into single field


I'm putting together a membership directory that has two basic sections:  The first is a simple name-address-phone-email entry that is laid out in a report that works fine.  The second section is a photo album of our members.  The data that gets imported into my FMP12 database comes from a CSV from a Microsoft Works database.  Each record contains either a single member or a pair of family members.  I've set up containers called Pic1, Pic2, PicBoth, where Pic1 is of the wife only, Pic2 is of the husband only, PicBoth is of the couple together.  This is because sometimes a spouse is shy and we have a picture of the other partner.  However, over time there are a few couples who have separate photos.  I've set up a container field that's a calculation that will display either Pic1, Pic2, or PicBoth depending on which of the above three containers have a photo.  Here is the calculation:

If ( IsEmpty ( Pic1 ) ; If ( IsEmpty ( Pic2 ) ; PicBoth ; Pic2 ) ; Pic1 )


The problem arises if both Pic1 and Pic2 are not empty.  What I'd like to do is somehow combine both images into a single container field, but I just haven't come up with an answer.  I also don't know if it would be better to print Pic1 in one container and Pic2 in the next without moving on to the next record.  That is, printing the same record twice, just with different results in the calculation container field.

I'm sure that this is a really muddy explanation.  Tongue out  If you need further details or want to correspond via IM, I'm up for that.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.