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Calculation help please

Question asked by jackmac on May 19, 2015
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Calculation help please


Hi all,

Not quite sure why this won't work... I have 2 layouts. I want to take a field on layout 1 and multiply it by a field on layout 2. I have another field on layout which has a calculation on in =(layout1field * layout2field).  Nothing happening!

I can multiply a field on layout 2 by another field on layout 2 and the calculation field shows the answer but not when I try to pull a value from layout 1.  I've managed it before but for some reason it won't work this time.  Having a brain freeze and need a little advice to point me to the 'stupid door' so I can walk out of it.

Using FM14 (although have done the same on FM13 with the same result). All fields are either Number or the result of calculation is displayed as a number.

Help please...