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Calculation help?

Question asked by Melinda on Feb 26, 2010
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Calculation help?



I am using FM 9 (shared over a network) on a MAC (OS X) and am having trouble creating a calculation, which seems like it should be fairly simple.  I am a beginner to intermediate FM user, so the more detailed the replies ther better. 


I need to track personal leave dates (and run a cumulative total) for multiple employees; I have created fields PL 1, PL 2, PL 3...  PL24 to record those dates.  Other fields in the table include AM Activity, PM Activity, and LPM Activity, as well as Date.  I need FM to find every occurence of the letter "P" in the AM Activity, PM Activity, or LPM Activity and then record the dates in the PL fields.  If there is a "P" in more than one of the activity fields, I only want the date recorded once...  I am stumped.  I didn't think this seemed like a difficult calulation, but my attempts have come up empty -- literally, nothing drops into any of the fields!


Any suggestions or direction would, as always, be greatly appreciated!