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Calculation in a portal..?

Question asked by hanstrager on Dec 21, 2012
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Calculation in a portal..?


     I've made a portal in one of my layouts, which I've modified a little so it looks a bit like a small form instead of a list view.

     I have 3 problems im wondering whether someone knows how to solve..?

     1) is there a way so that everytime i add a record in the portal, that it dosen't automatically add the next one and have a button to add the next one instead..?

     2) is there a way to do so when you delete the info in the value list where it says "fabric" the record disappears as it hasen't been added yet

     3) the portal is based on a conditional value list from "fabric" and "name" and then autofills the rest of the fields from a related table. I don't want to have anyone to change the info in the fields of the autofills except from the related tabel. Is there a way to do so the noone can change the values in the portal..?

     Is there anyone who know where to start with any of all this..? Please see picture