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Calculation in sub summary of Report?

Question asked by DocHollywood on Mar 25, 2014
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Calculation in sub summary of Report?




     I'm struggling with a seemingly simple issue. 

     I have a report that contains sub summaries to issue check payments to different parties at the end of the month. The check amount (the number) is showing just fine, based on a summary field that adds up all the individual amounts to the check total. 


     The problem comes into play when I try to convert these amounts in the sub summary fields to a text-based sequence of words: 


     My summary payment field will read 10.- 

     The AmountinWords calculation field should then read Ten Dollars - which it does, also. 

     BUT: On my sub summary reports, ALL the AmountinWord fields contain the same value - based on the last amount in my succession of summary payment fields. 


     How on earth do I get the AmountinWord Field to be calculated for each of my sort by sub summary fields?


     Thank you!