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Calculation issue regarding inventory

Question asked by m.mcdonell on May 17, 2012
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Calculation issue regarding inventory


I have a fairly detailed database with clients, transactions, products and lineitems (joined by relationship, etc). 

step 1 - I select a client, which shows a list of products on a lineitems portal [client_LINEITEMS]

step 2 - I create a transaction report to deliver 4 products (code 222) and 2 products (code 333) listed on a transaction portal [transaction_LINEITEMS]

step 3 - QUESTION - how can I keep a running total of the material delivered to the client for code 222 and code 333 in this example, keeping in mind that each client will have multiple transactions associated to it each year

GOAL - I want to be able to do monthly, quarterly reports of how many products each client purchased, using the above method to also establish frequencies, inventory, costs, etc

Please help with this, I am stuck!!