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    Calculation misunderstanding



      Calculation misunderstanding



           I've got a table:



           Date Modification


           Max_Date Modification



           The task is to get a calculation field that brings up the price, that was modified last.

           It's a related table.

           Know it's simple, but ...

           What is the way to get the result at the related table? At a perent one? Can't get it. Thinking I'm stupid...

           Please, help

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               If the relationship is:

               Products::ID = Prices::ID_Price

               You either sort your relationship by Date Modification in descending order and then any reference to fields in Prices from Products will refer to the most recently added record for that ID value


               You can keep the relationship unsorted and use the Last () funciton to refer to a field from the most recently added Price record for this ID.