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Calculation not responding as expected

Question asked by kuhoodva on Jun 20, 2013
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Calculation not responding as expected


     I am using FMP Advanced 12.0v4.

     I have a calculation that I am trying to use as an if statement in a script but I a having difficulty getting a 'true' out of it. Here is the statement:

     FilterValues ( Global::WorkTimesSummerM ; "9:00 AM" ) = "9:00 AM"

     'Global::WorkTimesSummerM'  is a Text field with potential multiple times selected from a check box set

     I have verified through the data viewer that,  FilterValues ( Global::WorkTimesSummerM ; "9:00 AM" ) does equal "9:00 AM", but when I evaluate the entire statement as entered above I get a false (0) as a response. The only way that I have been able to get a true (1) response  is to replace = with ≠. 

     What am I missing here?