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Calculation not using checkbox field?

Question asked by UnionGuy on May 13, 2012
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Calculation not using checkbox field?


I have memberships in our organization separated into 3 categories, with checkboxes for each category. Also, I have another calculation field to look at the categories and assign them either Plan 1,3, or 4. When I change a member's category, the Plan field becomes empty. Why is that? Is it because the checkbox data is not text? How do I get the Plan calculation to use the checkbox fields to ascertain which Plan to use?

Here is the Plan calculation formula:

If  (CCFT Member = "CCFT Member"; 1; If (Fair Share Full Rate Payer = "Fair Share Fee Full Rate Payer"; 3; If (Fair Share Discounted Rate Payer = "Fair Share Discounted Rate Payer"; 4; "")))

Again, the membership fields are set up as checkboxes.

Thanks for the help.