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Calculation Not working out

Question asked by TKnTexas on May 21, 2014
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Calculation Not working out


     I set up my structure with the project name, and a number of task I want to follow to completion.  

     TASK_Number1 = yes (when done) Blank until then.

     TASK_Number1_value = If ( TASK_Number1 ) = "yes" , 1 , 0 )

     I can do math on the xxxxxxx_value fields to get an average or a sum.  Average gives me percentage of completion.  As I think of another specific task I do not want to overlook I can add the proper two fields do the structure, and adjust the calculations.  

     As seen on the screen print the first two records do not give consistent responses.  In creating I did copy/paste to specifically have proper calcs.