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Calculation of expiry dates

Question asked by JacquesSmith on Jan 27, 2013
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Calculation of expiry dates


     Hi, Noob here,


     I have searched the forums and tried to calculate and display the correct infromation that i want but i just dont get the correct information i need.


     I have a simple database layout with the following fields

     Licensse_issue_date (Date field)

     License_exp_date (Date field)

     months_until_exp (Text field)


     I want to calculate how many months are left before a drivers license expires. Drivers Licenses are valid for 5 years (260 months) and display the ammount of months left before expiring


     John has a Drivers License with Issue date: 2010/04/13 and expiry date: 2015/04/13. How many months does john have before his drivers license expires?

     Also i would like to see if i can a notification when - if license is 90 days from expiry date "due to expire" and - if license has passed the expiry date "expired" to the calculation above.


     Any helpfull information would be appreciated.