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Calculation of gross amount of sales

Question asked by straka_sh on Aug 11, 2011
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Calculation of gross amount of sales


My first post... and my first month using FM!

We have a fundraiser sale... with multiple units of kids selling 15 products...

They sell in two phases (a Show and Sell (SNS), and a Take Order (TO) portion). 

We are attempting to calculate the Gross Show and Sell total $, the Gross Take Order $ separately, as well as the Gross total $ for each unit of kids.

The Gross total $ is working fine...

Example: for our SNS Gross total field for troop 111, it is a sum from a self relationship between unit number u111.20 and total gross amount for SNS (which was created by multiplying quantity sold of each product * price for each product sold by that unit.  The main problem is NOTHING shows up in the field.... Not even a 0.  We had a ? show up for a while, but we got rid of it.

We did have this working at one time, and then possibly accidentally changed something accidentally.  When we look back at a paper copy of the fields and calculations printed from the "working" copy, it all seems the same.  We don't know what changed. 

I'm not sure this is enough info for anyone to help, but I can give more if needed.