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    calculation of records



      calculation of records


       I would like to create some kind of book


      chapter 1

      chapter 2

      etc to chapter 10.000



      I would like to have a script that calculates the chapter 1 (text) to chapter ( 10000) and ad then

      as final result Beginning ( text) chapters ( calcalation 1 to 10000) and the Ending ( text) an write te result as a file on the C drive.

      This can not be made in word or some other programm , file maker makes in every record are 10 or more different kind of text.

      Thanks in advance, sorry for the bad englisch writing, I am Dutch

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           what i mean with calculate is


          chapter 1+chapter 2+ chaperter 3..........chapter 10.000 ( or as manny records there are)

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            Create a field gBook, and make it text, global storage.

            I assume your chapter numbers are stored in the field ChapterNumber
            I assume your chapter contents stored in the field ChapterContent

            Create a script:

            Enter Browse Mode

            Set Field ( gBook , "" )

            Show All Records

            Sort Records (ChapterNumber , No dialogue)

            Go to Record [First]


            Set Field ( gBook = gBook & ChapterNumber & "[return character]" & ChapterContent & "[return character][return character]" )

            Go to Record [Next, Exit after last]

            End Loop

            Export Field Contents (export to over-write an existing Word File, for example, or just show that field on the layout and 'Copy' it, and paste it into a Word document.)

            Text fields can store up to approximately 2GB or 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) characters of letters.