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Calculation of records based on contents of a field

Question asked by schmity on Oct 3, 2013
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Calculation of records based on contents of a field


     I'm trying to add a box(field) in the footer of a layout that will continuously show the number of records that exist with the status "New" in the Status Field.


     I'm using this database in a parts dept to tracks the status of ordered parts.  Were trying to eliminate paper parts requests. 

     The mechanic would enter the part in a New Part Layout via IWP, which would create the record with a status of New.  My problem is how do the clerks in the parts dept know there are new parts requests they need to action, without constantly having to do a search for "New" or clicking a button that would run the search for them.

     I thought the simplest solution would just be a box in the footer of the layout that would refresh automatically with the number of records that had a status of "new"  I'm open to other suggestions though.