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Calculation or relationship for if "field contains"

Question asked by jamie.hunt on Jun 4, 2009
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Calculation or relationship for if "field contains"


Hi guys, 


I'm sure someone can help me, I'm new to FileMaker. 


I have a field with 3 repetitions. Say for example the field contains the text    "red", "green", "blue"



What operator would I use if I want to say "If field contains the text "green"... perform whatever calculation. I can't use = because I only want it to do the calculation if it contains just one color.



Secondly how would I set a relationship up so that it isn't if...   field "A" = field "B"     it's     field "A" contains the same as field "B" when "A" has 3 repetitions.



Sorry if this doesn't make sense.