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Calculation or Summary Field (Help)

Question asked by TainoLaine on Dec 5, 2013
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Calculation or Summary Field (Help)


     Hey Forum,

     I am new to file maker and I am having difficulty to make one field a summary field for other fields. Basically I am working on an Advisement Form for New Students. And I am a bit stuck.

     1. Where is says "Current Term Credits" I want it to be the sum of all the numbers from the fields under CR. But I only want it to sum the FA 2013 numbers. For example, if I pick Fall 2013 like it shows on the picture, I would like it to sum only the FA 2013 records or numbers. My total would be 1+3+4+2=10. Even if other records from WI 2014 are present. Even a brief explanation would help

     Thank you