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    Calculation or Summary Field (Help)



      Calculation or Summary Field (Help)


           Hey Forum,

           I am new to file maker and I am having difficulty to make one field a summary field for other fields. Basically I am working on an Advisement Form for New Students. And I am a bit stuck.

           1. Where is says "Current Term Credits" I want it to be the sum of all the numbers from the fields under CR. But I only want it to sum the FA 2013 numbers. For example, if I pick Fall 2013 like it shows on the picture, I would like it to sum only the FA 2013 records or numbers. My total would be 1+3+4+2=10. Even if other records from WI 2014 are present. Even a brief explanation would help

           Thank you


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               How is the data where this field to be summed structured? Those could be records in a related table (I don't think so though...), a set of repeating fields or a group of individual fields.

               The set of related records approach will be much simpler to sum selectively like you want. Summing selectively from repeating fields or individual fields will be difficult to do.