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Calculation or Summary Problem

Question asked by roodbk on Sep 10, 2009
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Calculation or Summary Problem


I have a report that I am creating that includes a leading subsummary and a trailing summary.....see example below


                                                          Estimated Budget    Approved Budget

Project Number (Leading Subsummary)                      ?

   10500   Architecture      AE Services

   10625   Architecture      Reimburseables

 Design Services (Trailing Subsummary)           $125,000

   13700  Drywall                Install Walls

   13875  Electrical              Data Raceways

   13875  Electrical              Lighting

  Construction (Trailing Subsummary)               $450,000


My problem is that the Trailing Subsummary numbers are from a calculation that I created that first calculates the prefix of the account number (example 10 for the first set of account number, 13 for the second set and so forth.  If the prefix is "10" then it places a number that is entered from another field on another layout.  Because this is a calculation and not a summary I can't get the the total of the trailing subsummary amounts to add up into a field in the leading subsummary (example:  I need it to calculate the $125,000 and the $450,000 and that number to appear in the leading subsummary for the project number total.  It is only putting the $125,000 and not adding them together.