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Calculation or Summary Problem

Question asked by DavidTrimmings on Aug 26, 2014
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Calculation or Summary Problem


     Hi All,

     I have what I hope is a straightforward problem but I can't get my head around it at present.  In simplified form I have 3 fields in a table - Operator, Action and Error Detected?

     Operators enter multiple Actions throughout the day, and occasionally an error is detected, in which case the Error Detected field (a pop up for a Yes/No value List) is changed to Yes.

     My problem is this - I need a report/layout that shows me the total number of actions performed, but also the number of errors detected (so only a count of the Error Detected fields showing Yes).  I have a summary field showing the total Actions but can't seem to work out how to count only the Yes values in the same found set.  I know I could perform a find on the Yes value and get the count that way but then that changes my total number of actions count.

     I'm sure it should be a calculation but just can't get it.

     Is there a way to count the Yes values when the No values are also showing in the found set?

     Thanks in advance.