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Calculation Problem

Question asked by snkm on Mar 20, 2009
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Calculation Problem


Depening on the date entered into "FIELD A" I would addtional text entered into 'FIELD B".


Example FIELD A = 2/21/2009 therefore FIELD B = 09 QTR 1


Here is my calculation for FIELD B that does not seem to be working:


If(FIELD A>12/31/2007 and FIELD A<04/01/2008;"08 QTR 1";
If(FIELD A>03/31/2008 and FIELD A<07/01/2008;"08 QTR 2";
If(FIELD A>06/30/2008 and FIELD A<10/01/2008;"08 QTR 3";
If(FIELD A>09/30/2008 and FIELD A<01/01/2009;"08 QTR 4";
If(FIELD A>12/31/2008 and FIELD A<04/01/2009;"09 QTR 1";
If(FIELD A>03/31/2009 and FIELD A<07/01/2009;"09 QTR 2";
If(FIELD A>06/30/2009 and FIELD A<10/01/2009;"09 QTR 3";
If(FIELD A>09/30/2009 and FIELD A<01/01/2010;"09 QTR 4";""))))))))