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    Calculation problem



      Calculation problem


           I have a layout A containing a checkbox set field which has Option A - D to choose.

           I have another layout B containing seperate checkbox fields for each option in the above checkbox set.

           I want to set them to auto enter by calculation. If any option is checked in layout A, the corresponding option in layout B is auto checked too

           How can I achieve this? 

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               If the two layouts are based on the same table....

               Say you have two checkbox values: "apple" ; "orange".... in a field named Checkboxes.

               FilterValues ( Checkboxes ; "apple" ) will return the value "apple" if it is selected in checkboxes. Format it with a value list where "apple" is the only value and you can set it up as a checkbox that is automatically selected.

               But it would be simpler to use those separate single value checkbox fields on your orignal layout. arranged properly on your layout, they will look and function as the Checkboxes field and then you do not need the checkboxes field at all.

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                 Thanks! PhilModJunk! 

                 Your last sentence is really the key point! I have never thought of this trick! This makes the things a lot easier.