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    Calculation problem!



      Calculation problem!


      Hi Guys and Girls,

      Am a new boy to filemaker and am currently faced with a problem I need help with. My db so far consists of two tables, namely accounts_db and stores_db.

      In stores_db I have field "Stores" which is a drop down and contains items such as GALLEY, MAIN STORE, GENERAL etc. Each entry in to stores gets filed under a diferent location. Again each entry has it's own value for example £40.00 and a date of entry, which is always the first day of the year.

      In accounts_db I have an annual return sheet. This contains the field "Stock GALLEY". What I'm having problems with is creating a calculation that will give me the sum (stores_db::total value) for items in the galley entered on the 1/1/2011.

      Can anyone help?




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          Cheers anyway! Found if I split Galley etc in to own tables I can do it

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            That's not likely to be the ideal solution. You can set up a self join relationship that matches records by a user specified date and then you can compute such a total using either the sum function or a summary field to get the specified sub total.

            When you split up a table into one table for each date or date range, you end up needing spearate layouts for each and have to enter new tables and layouts for each new date range--which get's very messy over time and can be completely avoided.