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Calculation problem!

Question asked by MarkReeves on Nov 12, 2011
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Calculation problem!


Hi Guys and Girls,

Am a new boy to filemaker and am currently faced with a problem I need help with. My db so far consists of two tables, namely accounts_db and stores_db.

In stores_db I have field "Stores" which is a drop down and contains items such as GALLEY, MAIN STORE, GENERAL etc. Each entry in to stores gets filed under a diferent location. Again each entry has it's own value for example £40.00 and a date of entry, which is always the first day of the year.

In accounts_db I have an annual return sheet. This contains the field "Stock GALLEY". What I'm having problems with is creating a calculation that will give me the sum (stores_db::total value) for items in the galley entered on the 1/1/2011.

Can anyone help?