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Calculation Problem! Help!

Question asked by PedroMarroquin on Jan 6, 2012
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Calculation Problem! Help!


I have 1 table connected with two different layouts, Receipt which is like an unoficial invoice and Invoice the actual ones, in now I made a Financial Archive where you just put the clients id and the name of the client appears and used two portals one for the unoficial invoice and the other for invoices in both is the same date of emission, total what the client has payed and in what date and here's the thing if the total let's say is 200 dlls and the client just payed 100 in the debt field it'll say 100.00 dlls and there's a status field in which if you payed the amount in the total field it says Payed in green and if you haven't payed the amount in the total field the status is debt in red letters, now these is for every receipt or invoice that is emitted for the client what i want is a global status where if the client owes no matter if it's recepit or invoice the global status would be DEBT and if the client has everything payed the global status should be Ok! now i want these because i want a layout in which I can see only the clients that have debts... and in this layout would show client id client names and the grandtotal of the debt... can i do that? and if yes how can i?