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Calculation Question

Question asked by mikefromnewmexico on Jan 7, 2012
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Calculation Question


I have an invoice worksheet created from invoices table. I have a portal from Line Items with the items for said invoice.


Underneath the portal I am trying to total the gross sales for 3 categories of products individually with


If (Category = "A" ; Sum (Extended Price) ; "" ) and this isn't working as desired but it seems it should.


The extedended price is a calculated field in the line items table and is your basic "Qty_Sold * Price" calculation.

As far as the body of the portal containing the items, everything calculates fine but the category product sums must be totaled separately so further calculation can take place as different figures affect each category differently i.e

Invoice Gross (Sum of all products) No problem here

Gross of A (category)

Gross of B

Gross of C

Tax of A

Tax of B

Tax of C

Adjusted net A