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Calculation question

Question asked by citruspips on Mar 12, 2012
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Calculation question


Hallo I hope someone can help with my, probably, stupid question.  

I'm new to Filemaker and trying to make a database to replace my iNumbers spread sheet, which track the performance of a basket of stocks in an investment portfolio.

I have managed to create a table which records cash, dividends, fees, buys sells etc to provide an overall profit/loss. However to evaluate overall performance I need to add the current daily value of the stocks held (this value is constantly changing as per stock market valuations)

In iNumbers I did this by having a second table which imported totals from the first and I was able to then insert the current days valuation in one cell to evaluate the overall performance at that time.

When I try this in Filemaker I cannot get it to work. I cannot seem to carry out a calculation between tables despite trying all sorts of 'relationships'. 

To illustrate:

I have £2000 in cash.

I buy stock 'Z' for £1500

Therefore I now have a cash total of £500 + the market value of the stock "z"

but today my stock may be worth £1200 and next week it may be worth £1600 its this dynamic changing value I want to include but cannot figure out how.

I no doubt have missed something obvious but I'm totally stuck.