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Calculation Question

Question asked by ianchristopher on Aug 10, 2013
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Calculation Question




     I am making a simple inventory system which keeps track of units in and units out and then calculates the on hand quantity. So I have 2 fields: Units in and Units out. There are also 2 layouts, one for scanning in UPC's and another for manually entering part numbers. Everytime you scan a UPC, there is a new record. And when you enter a quantity manually the units in/out fields will get the quantity.

     The calculation I am using for units in is this:



     If ( ((${Check In/Check Out Mode} = "Scan") & (Action = "Check In"))  ; 1 ; 
     If ( ((${Check In/Check Out Mode} = "Manual") & (Action = "Check In")) ; GetField ( Bulk Quantity ) ; 0 ) )
     The units out calculation is similar. 
     So when I scan something in, the Units In field should say 1, and Units Out should be 0.
     However, when making a new record units in and units out both display a 1. 
     Can someone explain what is happening here? And is there a way to make this approach work?