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    Calculation question



      Calculation question


      I have a table that lists "quantity produced" and "type of process".  Id like to create a field that adds the quantity based on the type of process?

      Shift 1       Blending       10,000

      Shift 2       Milling             5,000

      Shift 1       Blending         7,000                       Total Blending ???????   Total Milling ????????

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          Total for a given process over all records in the table or only a sub set of the records with that process?

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            I want to know the total for each process in a given month.  Total "Blending" for September, Total "Milling" for September and so on...

            I would prefer this in a single field so that I can include it at the bottom of an existing report???

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              Do you know how to set up an SQL query? The ExecuteSQL() function could be used to produce these totals.

              Will your report list all records for a specified month?

              Is there a date field in each record (and not a text field with a date in it)?

              A filtered portal and a summary field can be used to show this sub total specific to a given process. The details on how you would set that up depend on your answers to the above questions.