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Calculation question (I think)

Question asked by tomo17 on Sep 16, 2012
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Calculation question (I think)


     I have a database for scoring a game that has two methods of scoring - a goal and a behind. Each time their is a score a record is created which then allows me to calculate a score for each team and then the margin between the two teams. My fields are the same but one set for the home team and one set for the away team with a margin calculation.

     (sHomeGoal, sHomeBehind, cHomeScore, sAwayGoal, sAwayBehind, cAwayScore, cMargin=cHomeScore-cAwayScore)

     What i am hoping is possible is that the running score and the margin is specific to the the time of the record being created. My problem is that when i enter a new score record it recalculates both the running score and the margin, which defeats what i am trying to do.


     Many Thanks