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calculation that chooses the sort field

Question asked by imgaryshap on Jan 15, 2010
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calculation that chooses the sort field


Hello -


I'm using FMP 8 for a MAC.


I have the following fields - Total number of Hours, Total Budget.


I also have three date fields - Greenlight Date, Production Start Date, and Air Date


I want to run three different reports using the date fields.


I then want my Total number of Hours and Total Budget to appear in a particular Quarter column (i.e. 1Q, 2Q, 3Q, 4Q) depending on the sort.


So essentially - a greenlight date sort could show my hours and budget date appearing in 1Q (Jan - March of the sort year), but the same yearly report by Air Date would have the data appear in the 4Q column.


How do I do this?


I'm assuming I create a Quarterly field that has a calculation whereby it imports the numbers and hours automatically based on the sort field (in this case the date).  


So a 1Q Hourly Field might be: 


When Sorting by __________ Field, then if dates of __________ field are between Jan and March of SORT YEAR; Total Number of Hours; 0


any ideas?