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Calculation to change record 'status'

Question asked by brianquillin on Aug 8, 2011
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Calculation to change record 'status'


I have budget items assigned to be either 'need' or 'have'.

I have contributions linked and able to be assigned to a budget item.  (the related contribution ID and amount are accurately displaying on the budget item layout.

I created a calculation field titled status_AUTO stating: If (budget_amount = Contributions::amount ; status_budgetline = "have" )

On the budget layout, the radio button set indicating 'need' or 'have' is not updating when the contributed amount = the budgeted amount.  I tried to create a value list using this new calculation value but an error message said it would not work since it could not be indexed.  

Maybe a dumb question, but here it is: Where do I place the status_AUTO field on the budget layout? OR how do I make it work?