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Calculation to Decrease/Increase Number by 1

Question asked by SydneyBlock on Aug 13, 2014
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Calculation to Decrease/Increase Number by 1


I am creating a database for potential job applicants that uses an alternate table to record experience. The tables are linked by a relationship between:

StaffApplicants::xp_AppID  & StaffApplicants::g_ExpNum


Experience::xF_AppID  &  Experience::AppExpNum

Whenever a user clicks "Add," the fields from the related table will clear to add another record into the table. The “Add” button would have a script that increased Applicant::g_ExpNum by one. The fields would all immediately go blank for the new record and the relationship would automatically populate both the xF_AppID and AppExpNum


Would this script be "Set Next Serial Value"? I can't seem to get it to work. I also need to add checks to the previous/next buttons that won’t let you go below 1 or over the highest value stored for that applicant.