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Calculation to hold reasons record is omitted

Question asked by sccardais on Aug 25, 2014
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Calculation to hold reasons record is omitted


     I am working on a mailing list that contains records that need to omitted from a found set for one of several reasons.

     Some records meet more than on criteria for being omitted.

     I have a script that step sequentially through the reasons and sets a value in a field "Omit".

     I would like the "Omit" field to show all the reasons the record is being omitted. My current script replaces the value rather than appending the new reason (s) to the field.

     For example, if a particular record is missing an email address AND the user's access has been restricted. the Omit field should show, "Missing Email Address" , "Restricted Access"

     What's the best way to do this?