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Calculation to Increase Numbers in Fields and Concatenate

Question asked by kingsley47 on Oct 19, 2011
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Calculation to Increase Numbers in Fields and Concatenate


So I'm trying to make a set of calculation cells that imitate a pretty useful function in excel. Here is the property from excel I want to imitate: if I wrote 1 in the first cell, then 2 in the cell right below it, I could then drag down and have the following cells increase by 1 until I stopped dragging. After making that list, I could program a row of cells to take a single value from another cell, lock it, then concatenate it with a number from the number list I made. If I dragged down then I'd get a list starting with the same values and always ending with the number in the corresponding cell from the number list.


 When I started writing this question, I thought I was close to a solution. But I just thought of a show stopper to my solution. Any idea how I could go about doing this without programming every single field? I have about 500 fields that I would like to serialize and concatenate with a value from another field. Figuring out a way to automate this would obviously be the best solution. 


One last thing, I am in record view. I know this sounds like a job for list view but this is a test report that goes to our customer.