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Calculation to show test scores per Student

Question asked by jwshelton22 on Jan 8, 2015
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Calculation to show test scores per Student


We are in FM13Adv on Windows.

There is a Student table with 10 Students and a Tests table. Each test is made up on 30 to 200 questions. There are 15 tests in all. There are 1200 answers in all.

I need to show by Student the grade per test. I would like to display the scores along side each other horizontally on the each Student record in the Student table.

I can get it to work for each student but only for the first test.
Relationship is
Student ID pk  x  Student ID fk
Test ID = Test ID

I can do this with a script, but seems like a calculation would be cleaner.

I am not sure how to go from here.