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Calculation to total up various figures

Question asked by richw on Apr 29, 2010
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Calculation to total up various figures


Hi everyone,

Would someone be able to help me.  I'm using File Maker 10 Advanced on Windows XP.

An IT guy of ours created a database for us but is now longer available for support.  We've got a report set up with fields showing different figures, we have a 'total' field at the end which adds/subtracts amounts.

We've noticed when the calculation is being done the amount is slightly incorrect in terms of the pence figures, due to rounding up/down in previous figures.  Firstly, how can I access the formula/calculation?  Once I've accessed this calculation, how do I make it total everything up based on the final 2 decimal places, not the figure before rounded up/down?

Many thanks in advance,