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Calculation VS Join Efficiency

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Mar 15, 2014
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Calculation VS Join Efficiency


     I need to refer to a table related to inventory items in many different modules throughout my data base.  for lack of a better term that I can think of, I will call the related table Sub Items. 

     One main inventory item can have many sub items.  Sub items contain records of barcodes, serial numbers and repair history for  each item we have.  for this example, the main inventory item is Big Speaker and the sub Items would be all the Big Speakers we own.  

     When referring to a specific Big Speaker, I have a calc field called "Inventory Sub Items::cName = Main Inventory::Name." 

     When I refer to this in a different module such as repairs, I only need to use the Sub Items table and use the calculation to show the name.  I could also create another reference to the main inventory table and relate it to the sub items to display the name that way.   

     I need to do this many times in my database.  It would appear that the calculation requires more fields in each table and the Join option clutters the relationship Map.  That may be a matter of preference or depend on how many fields I need to create calculations for.


     My question is which is more efficient for speed when using the database?