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Calculation with Invoices (Dates)

Question asked by EwoudDeMan on Mar 21, 2012
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Calculation with Invoices (Dates)


I have been working with Filemaker Pro over the last 2 months and must admit I've become quite an addict.

Now I've come across a little problem that seems simple, but I can't find the solution yet.

It's about a simple invoice-table with the 4 fields; invoicedate, invoice-amount, debtornumber and InvOutstandingDays.

For every invoice; I have to look back in time for maximum 12 months, sum all the invoice-amounts (minus the invoice-amount of the record in use) with the same debtornumber if InvOutstandingDays<61 days (this last field indicates payment behaviour). The sum has to be presented per invoicedate as this outcome will be used as a creditlimit per invoicedate.

Anyone with a great idea?