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Calculation within portal row?

Question asked by FMNewbie on Nov 1, 2012
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Calculation within portal row?


     Hi folks...

     I have two tables... PEOPLE and EVENTS.  Within PEOPLE are a number of demographic fields including date of birth, address etc.  Within EVENTS are a number of fields that detail things about an event and the people that attended.  I have created a relationship between PEOPLE::PERSON_ID and EVENTS::ATTENDEES[10].  By entering the names in the EVENTS::ATTENDEES[10] repeating field, it nicely populates all their demographic info in a portal using the relationship described above.  

     However... I would like to create a calculation field ATTENDEES::AGE that uses PEOPLE::DATE OF BIRTH and EVENTS::EVENT DATE to calculate the age of each of the attendees at the time of the event and then display the result in the portal row.

     I'm just a bit stumped on how to do this.  Do i need a separate relationship for the date fields?  Any help would be appreciated.