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calculation worked in FM11 not in FM12?

Question asked by GeoffreyMartin on Apr 8, 2013
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calculation worked in FM11 not in FM12?


     Hello all,

     I have a formula that is using a relation to return a number from another table.  It worked in FM11.  I've set it up the exact same way.  The tables are related by hour of day (see below).  Then based on what day it is, the calculation returns a value from that day of the week at that hour.  I've tried a number of things, and think the problem is with the relation.  Both fields being related are a number.  Here's the formula:


     Let ([
     dow = DayOfWeek (Time_calltoqueue_ts)] ;
     Case ( dow = 1 ; CoreHours::Sunday ;
                dow = 2 ; CoreHours::Monday ;
                dow = 3 ; CoreHours::Tuesday ; 
                dow = 4 ; CoreHours::Wednesday ; 
                dow = 5 ; CoreHours::Thursday ; 
                dow = 6 ; CoreHours::Friday; 
                dow = 7 ; CoreHours::Saturday ; "Error"))
     The calculation result is a number as is the value in the other table.  I've tried putting a related field for the day of the week on the Main Table and it comes up blank.  I've tried changing the THEN part of this calculation with a number instead of the related field to test my logic on this calculation and the formula will result correctly.