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Question asked by Annette on May 27, 2013
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     I'm wondering two things, if a calculation is possible to give an answer I'm looking for (which I'll explain in one minute) and how do I even go about a calucation like that if so. 

     Basically in a portal I have the following field:

     Entry Date, Entry Time, Exit Date, Exit Time

     Hours are broken down the following way:

     Hourly = 8am-8pm ; Overnight = 8pm - 8am

     Basically what I need to do is if fields are entered as:

     Entry Date: 05/26/13  Entry Time:  8:00am  Exit Date 05/27/13  Exit Time:  8:00 am

     I need the calculated field to say: 1 Overnight, 12 Hours

     But if the fields are:

     Entry Date: 5/27/13  Entry Time:  8:00 am  Exit Date  05/27/13  Exit Time  11:00 pm

     Calculation field to say:  15 Hours

     Is this possible? Haven't a clue how to even begin.  frown