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Calculation: Get records related table

Question asked by user21370 on Jan 20, 2010
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Calculation: Get records related table




I have 2 tables: Crew and Vacations which are related through ID Crew.

In the Vacations table crew can make records where they can plan there vacations:

rec1   20-01-2010  (ID Crew) 001

rec2   29-01-2010  (ID Crew) 010


rec3   01-02-2010  (ID Crew) 001

rec4   20-01-2010  (ID Crew) 009


In the Crew Layout I can put a portal where I can see the Vacation dates of each crew member.


But for calculation reasons I need a calculation field which shows me the dates in one field.

Example for ID Crew 001:




Can someone help me with the calculation?


Thank you very much!