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Question asked by rgnant_1 on Dec 30, 2014
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Product Cost     number        say,$2.00

Quantity(5)       number        say, 1,2,6,12,24

Total Cost         Calculation???

I've been struggling with trying to make Total Cost a Calculation(5) by multiplying product cost by quantity.  I'm set for 5 repetitions in the Calculation box.

All I get is a number for the first of the Total Cost fields.  Interestingly, if I make Product Cost a repeating field and fill in each of repetitions, the Calculation field works just fine.  I know I could set up another table, but with only five items, that seems silly.  I could just have five fields, or I could use a script, but I'm just wondering if there isn't a way to use Calculation to cover this.

Thanks in advance.