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      Thanks for your reply however on this occasion it did not help, let me explain differently.

      I have a created a report that shows a list of items on site that have to be serviced annually and I have created a field on the report that shows the date an item is due for recharging but I only want to show dates that fall within two dates i.e. next inspection due (this would be any item due for recharging after this date) and next service date (this would be any item due for recharging before this date) if an inspection is due in January any equipment with a recharge date between January 2012 and January 2012 will show these dates on the report but also showing all other items without the recharge date. Thanks Robin.

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          When posting repsonses back please type the response in the Post a Answer box at the bottom of the "thread". This way we can see what has gone before and can respond t appropriately.

          I can only dimly remember what you requested in your original post.

          What I suggested, using a date range, should work from what I can read in your post above. You can also use 1/*/2012 to find all records with a date in January, 2012, assuming you have your system set for MMDDYYYY date format.